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No – Our rates are a quoted fixed base price. For instance, in slow moving traffic our price stays the same!

No – Our prices are estimated to be close to taxi rates. On short journeys we are often more expensive, but on longer journeys we are often a little cheaper!

Yes – We have extra surcharges for transfers to country areas and for very early or late pick up times. Please refer to travel price list and quote/bookings pages

Yes. We provide the complete range of seats from capsules up to boosters for older children. There is a surcharge of $15.00 per car seat.

Yes, all bookings must be pre booked – preferably the day prior to travel during office hours of 4.30am to 10.00pm 7 days.

Yes you can change an existing booking at any time. A new booking can often be made asap on the same day, but sometimes we simply have to say that we are not able to help due to the late notice.

Yes, please refer to the Payment Options tab on this site.

Yes. The cars all have the correct Licence requirements and operate under the control of the Taxi Services Commission ( Unlike Uber X which operates illegally ) which looks after all taxis and Hire/Corporate/Chauffeured cars and vans in Victoria. They are all insured and comply with all government and Melbourne Airport requirements.

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